The “Warme Boterham” is a simple looking design where the form already betrays his function. We step away from the black, metal sandwich box, from now on the “Warme Boterham” that has been brought back to its essence will color the Dutch kitchen worktops.

“Does your sandwich always fit well in the sandwich maker?”
After some asking around, it turns out that my mother is buying that white unhealthy white square slice of sandwich bread which is especially made for the sandwich maker. But bread comes in many types and sizes, the “Warme Boterham” provides space for each unique piece of bread.
The unhealthy thing about a sandwich are the black edges, those PAHs contain harmful substances that are released during combustion at high temperatures. By giving enough space to the bread, replacing the hard grill lines in the iron with (Hema) dots and adding a temperature controller, “Warme Boterham” tries to limit the unhealthy factor as much as possible.
Space is becoming increasingly scarce, families are becoming smaller, and people more often live alone. Who wants a XXL sandwich toaster in the kitchen that takes up too much space and is only used occasionally? The “Warme Boterham” is compact and delivers your lunch in no time. If your sister can’t wait, sharing is caring.

Designed with a long service life in mind we focused on repairability, parts can be easily replaced with just an Allen key.

CLIENTHema design contestYEAR2022