Animal inspired stationery set consisting of a puncher, tape dispenser and stapler.

The puncher is made from 3 aluminium extrusions with post machining detailing, this production technique forces you to start from a silhouette and integrate the functions seamlessly.
The main goal was to make the product easy to disassemble and recyclable, a designer has the opportunity to make products for a better world without to much plastic.

The tape roll is placed on the back of the extruded profile just like a snail carrying its shell. The slot which holds the roll is angled to keep it in position when used.
The diameter of the aluminum back elevation mirrors the diameter of the inside tape roll carrier. You can see the snail shell slowly shrinking over time.

The silhouette of the stapler is inspired by a crocodiles head with its big jaw.
Normally the spring which holds the head in position is hidden in the design. By making the function visible it simplifies the back part where the emphasis goes to the black eye, the pivot point.
The visible spring fits within the product family and gives the user an understanding of the construction.

CLIENTPersonal project YEAR2020