Hey, my name is Bas an industrial designer who lives and works in Eindhoven.
A lucky guy who turned his hobby into his job. Every new design project I consider as a puzzle to solve.

I always strive to create simple designs, with a clear language of form that communicates function, capturing the essence of the product. Therefore, making the designs understandable and intuitive to use.
Materials and manufacturing techniques, form and function as well as the identity of a client’s brand are carefully considered to create a product with personality.

The multidisciplinary design studio is experienced in the fields of industrial design, furniture design, interior design, branding and graphic design.

I would like to create an environment where we can be honest and open to make cocreation effortless.


During the years I had the privilege to participate in multiple projects for world’s best clients across industries. From creating a future vision or brand defining philosophy, through building holistic strategic framework that make sense of complex problems, to crafting and refining products for production to the very last detail.

One of my biggest strengths lies in the ability to empathize and anticipate client’s needs and wishes, helping them delivering innovative products that are well suited to the identity of a brand.

With dedication, sensitivity, and ability to craft products with a great eye for detail I always strive for the best possible outcome for the client’s brand and their customers.